Lee Gilman, AMFT

In order for us to grow, we must challenge our preconceived notions of self and experiences, as those are what shape our truths. We are not alone, even when it feels as if we are. We are connected to the thousands of lives that have touched ours and have had a hand in creating who we are. I approach my work through a systemic lens, in other words, I see the world as a huge ball of yarn. Those strings are our connectedness, the relationships we hold that connect us to our culture, our family, our history, and our future.
In our work together, I will utilize a diverse, multifaceted approach to care involving several different modalities, because I believe my approach to client care should be as diverse as the clients I work with. The primary theory I pull from is the Gottman Method Couples Therapy, on which I am Level 2 trained, which provides a dynamic approach to care. I graduated from Antioch University and have ongoing specialized training in Attachment, Gottman level 2, and Sex Therapy.

I am passionate about working with diverse populations and couples with identities that may not be on the forefront of mainstream society. I am gender, LGBTQ+, poly, kink, and consensual non-monogamy affirming in my work. I bring warmth, acceptance, accountability, and an occasional painful dad joke into my sessions.