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Calling all mystics, healers, seekers, empaths, spiritual folks, highly sensitive people, and dreamers from around the world...

We welcome you, and invite you to go beyond traditional counseling into a new level of healing. Now more than ever we need new ways of healing and restoring. Counseling works, but it often leaves out something essential. We like to call that missing piece "Spirit." At Skylight Healing Center we bring Spirit back to the process of healing for people all over the world. We partner with you and follow the creativity of Spirit to unlock new levels of personal transformation. We believe that the future of health and wellness involves mind-body-spirit integration and healing. If you do too, then please come join us!

Our Services

Learn more about Skylight Healing Center's Intuitive Counseling, Energy Healings, Aura Readings, Craniosacral Therapy, And Training Modules.


Intuitive Counseling

Our intuitive counseling services allow people on a spiritual path a chance to go deeper and know more about themselves. It weaves alternative forms of healing into a traditional talk therapy context to create real change.


Energy Healings

Changing your energy leads to a change in your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Healing your energy can help you master your life and find ways to create more fulfilling relationships and creative outlets.


Aura Readings

Gain insight into your life's path and find new information about who you are as a spiritual being. Aura readings with SHC's staff help with deepening insights and identifying areas for healing, growth and change. 


Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy is a subtle, compassionate touch therapy that affects the circulation of cerebrospinal fluid, and puts into operation all of the natural, curative, and restorative processes of the body.


Shamanic Healing

Shamanic Healing creates a powerful portal of healing from the spirit world and helps create reconnection with Spirit. There are many names for Spirit, but sadly, many of our challenges as human beings are related to being cut off from it.


Training Modules

We offer numerous trainings which help accelerate personal growth and development. Services are offered in modules, which provide an easy and comprehensive format for learning, growth and healing. 

SHC Staff

Meet the practitioners at Skylight Healing Center.


David Klow, LMFT

Intuitive Healer
Spiritual Guide

David works creatively and collaboratively, drawing on ancient wisdom and modern practices to bring lasting transformation to people's lives and the world.


Rolanda Brown, LMFT

Intuitive Healer

Rolanda offers an empathic collaborative approach in which clients experience a safe and nurturing space to experience transformational learning that assists in developing a rejuvenated relationship with the authentic Self. Together, Rolanda works with the client to identify and reclaim disowned and forgotten treasures that exist within every soul.


Karolina Hellige, LCPC NCC

Intuitive Counselor

Karolina provides a non-judgmental, empathic space with a unique blend of intuitive counseling and energy/healing practices. She assists clients in creating a shift towards inner transformation and a reconnection with the authentic self.


Jordan Klow, CLC, CST

Certified Life Coach
Bodywork Therapist

Jordan is a Certified Life Coach and draws on experience in international business administration to help his clients achieve their goals and reach their highest potential. He prepares and creates the time for connection to inner strengths while accessing the intuitive process, creating the optimal opportunity for personal and professional development.


Paula Rosenfeld

Shamanic Healer
Akashic Record Reader

Paula has been passionately dedicated to helping people become happy, healthy, and fulfilled since 1994. Her vibrational tool kit includes the ancient shamanic practices of Soul Retrieval and Extraction, Akashic Record reading, and clairvoyant reading and coaching for spiritual empowerment and holistic health.


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